A Day in the heart of  Motherhood:

“this is NOT what I signed up for, I’m so tired of all this!” 


“I’m not worthy of these amazing little people, they are such blessings!”


two towels

I found the bin of ‘ summer towels’ today. I’d found two pool towels in our pool bag early on in the summer and that’s what we’ve been using for every wet event. Today i looked at that bin with at least 8 towels and one toweled robe and wondered how it was we hadn’t bothered to get it out. Then i realized something profound for a summer time household = I knew exactly where the ‘two towels’ we’d been using were. My sons knew where they were. We had kept serious track of them all summer because they were the only available towels!  

Life is simpler with fewer things.  I put the lid on the summer towels bin and pushed it back to the corner. Two towels is better than ten.


Too Pretty

Too many mom blogs that show manic details of a perfect life flanked by shining white walls. It’s not real. I am real. And life isn’t always pretty. This is my place to throw out my real ideas to other real moms. Keepin it real.